Snoring Treatment

How to treat snoring with the use of surgical ultrasound.

Diaphragm treatment with ultrasound

In which cases should surgical ultrasound be used, and what are the advantages of the use of ultrasound in nasal diaphragm surgery.

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Which are the modern bloodless techniques for treating sleep apnea.

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Get informed on the most modern, permanent and effective way to treat nasal allergies.

Treatment of external otitis

Wich is the most appropriate treatment of the external infection of the ear?

Treatment of tinnitus – vertigo

Treating vertigo and tinnitus based on the most modern therapeutic considerations.

Vocal cord surgery – treatment of vocal cord dysfunction

Vocal cord surgery with the use of a microscope and a special laryngoscope (microlaryngoscopy) is the most modern method of technology for treating voice problems and vocal cord dysfunction.

Treatment of cryptic tonsils and tonsillar hypertrophy

Using surgical ultrasound is the best and less painful way to treat patients with enlarged tonsils, cryptic tonsils and bad breath, or snoring.

Adenoid removal with radiofrequency energy – RF

Radiofrequency is the most modern method of adenoidectomy in children and adults.

Contraction of hypertrophic turbinates

Surgical ultrasound is the best, mildest and most permanent way to treat turbinate hypertrophy.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (F.E.S.S)

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (F.E.S.S) has opened up new perspectives for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.