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The ultrasonic surgical device consists of a generator that produces high frequency oscillations (44000 Hz), which are transferred to the ultrasound cutting instrument that is used on the tissue in question (tonsil, uvula, diaphragm, etc.). This sophisticated surgical ultrasound device is the latest generation Lora-Don model, which guarantees bloodless and painless interventions throughout the whole range of ENT procedures.

Ultrasound surgical applications:

-Tonsilectomy – Crypolysis – Tonsils shrinking for enlarged tonsils (Tonsils Hypertrophy), cryptic tonsils, halitosis (bad breath) treatment
-Correction of nasal diaphragm disorders (nasal bone spur)
-Cautery of hyperplastic nasal turbinates
-Uvulopharyngoplasty to treat apnea and snoring
-Frenectomy in order to treat speech disorders
-Removal of nasal adhesions
-Nasal polyps removal/shrinking
-Nosebleed (epistaxis) treatment 
Cautery of haemorrhagic varicose vein with the use of a special ultrasound transducter

What are the benefits of using ultrasounds?

1-They are almost painless since neither stitches nor a scalpel are used.
2-They are completely bloodless since all small vessels are burned.
3-High frequency oscillations create perfect sterility.
4-They do not cause thermal damage to adjacent tissues as other methods do (Laser), as they operate at a relatively low temperature.
5-Results are seen from the very first night.
6-They can be applied without general anesthesia, e.g. local or regional anesthesia
7-Thesurgical procedure is much milder and the patient can go home within a few hours from the surgery.