Diagnosis – Snoring causes

What causes snoring and how diagnosis can be made?

Diagnosis of a deviated septum with the use of a camera (endoscope).

Diagnosing diaphragm disorders and medical conditions of other parts of the nose with the use of the most advanced technologies.

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea causes

Find out how to diagnose the causes of obstructive sleep apnea and which modern invasive method can treat this disorder.

Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosis

How to diagnose the factors that cause allergic rhinitis with the use of skin prick tests at the ENT consulting room.

Causes of external summer otitis

We define the problem and its underlying causes. 
We reach a diagnosis in order to select the most appropriate treatment.

Vertigo diagnosis – labyrinth diseases diagnosis

Analysing the factors that cause vertigo and determining the ways to diagnose labyrinth dysfunction.

Diagnosis of voice disorders

Diagnosing disorders at the vocal cords with the use of the most modern and accurate diagnostic methods.

Adenoids Diagnosis

How to diagnose adenoids problems in children in an efficient and safe way without the use of x-rays.