Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosis
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   Allergic Rhinitis is appropriately treated when the responsible allergy factor-allergen that causes and triggers allergy is identified. The allergy test for diagnosing an allergy can be performed in the ENT consulting room during your appointment, and results come out very fast. More specifically, a skin prick test is conducted with a drop of solution containing a possible allergen placed on the patient’s arm. Allergic skin tests are easy, quick and painless to conduct. Every drop corresponds to a particular allergen, thus an exact diagnosis of the allergy-allergic rhinitis cause is achieved. Thus, the patient can know the factor that causes all the disturbing symptoms and can be protected against it. Different plants (olive) or bushes (sticky-weed), dust mites (microscopic organisms that live in bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, carpets, etc.), natural or house fungi (in basements, bathrooms and other humid places) or even pets, such as dogs and cats, or house insects such as the cockroach are some of the most common allergens that are included in the skin tests. There are also food allergens, like egg, milk, peanut and almond. A skin prick test is more accurate and less expensive than a blood test (RAST TEST). It can be performed in a specialised ENT consulting room within 20 or 30 minutes, and its results are communicated to the patient within half an hour after the end of the test. The only condition is that patients should avoid all antihistamine or cortisone medication for one week prior to skin testing.