Allergic Rhinitis Treatment
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   The classic symptomatic treatment (antihistamine pills – cortisone sprays) may only have a fragmentary character and, for obvious reasons, it cannot be administrated for a lifetime.  Immunotherapy is the causative treatment of allergic rhinitis since it turns directly against the cause of allergy / allergen, rendering it inactive. This desensitisation treatment is easily achieved with administering to the allergic patient sublingual drops of the allergen itself; slowly by slowly the patient becomes accustomed to the allergen which becomes inactive in the end. The treatment can last from 2 to 5 years, depending on the patient’s response to the allergen, and it has a long-lasting effect on the patients who, as a result, overcome their allergies and live free of their annoying symptoms. Along with the desensitisation therapy, an anti-allergic treatment with antihistaminic and cortisone nasal spray can be performed at least until the first results of the desensitisation therapy appear – within the first or second year maximum. Until then, the skin prick test is repeated once a year. Administration of cortisone, chronic systemic diseases and pregnancy should be considered as absolute contraindications to this treatment.