Causes of external summer otitis
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Causes of summer otitis externa
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Symptoms: First of all there may be a sensation of ear fullness which may be accompanied by muffled hearing and tinnitus. One of the most disturbing symptoms in otitis caused by fungal infection (otomycosis) is itching that can be agonizing for the patient.
There may be also a discharge from the ear of a clear liquid that later on becomes milky. In otomycosis, palpation of the ear can be painful, especially in the tragus area. It is also possible that some of the cervical lymph nodes become swollen and sore.
Pre-determined factors: It has been found that people with prickly heat and peeling skin in or around their ears, people with earwax build-up in the outer ear canal and those who come into frequent contact with water are more prone to swimmer’s ear.