Treatment of external otitis
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Summer Otitis Treatment
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Treatment: The best way to treat otomycosis is by careful cleaning and removal of the fungus mass by aspiration, and with administration of 10% boric acid solution for the next 10 days. Also, instillation of Canesten mycostatic drops is very effective. With regard to bacterial otitis, it is ideal to instill hydrocortisone antibiotic drops and to co-administer an appropriate oral antibiotic. Most important, contact with water should be avoided in order to keep the outer ear canal dry.

 Prevention: The best way to prevent the infection is by instilling isopropyl alcohol into the ear. Swimmers also use special drops that are sold in pharmacies; these drops can be of help since they have antiseptic properties and help remove trapped water from the ear (dry ear).
    Finally, people who are prone to earwax build-up should visit their ENT physician in order to have their ears properly cleaned before swimming season begins.